Pinterest for Your Interest

Pinterest for your Interest

What is the phenomenon that is so big it passed Twitter for referral traffic in February 2012? The cool kids call it Pinterest.

Pinterest for Your Interest. Pinterest is a photo-centered website that allows you to categorize, tag, comment, and share photos with other pinners. What’s a pinner?

Pinterest revolves around the concept of pinning photos to boards, thus, making the person the pinner. Each board has a different name or “album title”. For instance, any pictures of a themed event might go in a board called “Jack’s Over-the-Hill Party Ideas”.

Just Browsing. All photos in Pinterest are categorized, so if you’re looking for a certain type of photo, be sure to check the dropdown menu (which can be found by hovering over “Everything” near the top of the screen).

Special Feature. While browsing, you can access a special feature unique to Pinterest called “Pinners You Follow”. This features allows access to viewing only the pins from people you follow, increasing the likelihood of Repinning (sharing a pin with your followers). Twitter and Facebook offer features similar to this, but both involve extra steps in creating special lists to separate special users.

Using Pinterest for More Than Your Interest. Pinterest is a more than flashy flare, it can be used for marketing your business, too.

Pinterest picks up the photos from your websites. Those photos are categorized and thrown into the Pintere-verse (Pinterest universe). People searching for those photos will be directed to your website. Obviously, the more appealing the photo, the higher chances of it being clicked. Some examples:

  • Infographics are just a popular as Pinterest right now, so having an inforgraphic ON Pinterest is a double-whammy! Create a board of infographics to direct your followers to one area where they can find all the statistics from these graphs.
  • Stand out with a “Quotes” page or an inspirational section to instill hope and dreams into your customers. Daily pins can prove to be high traffic areas for your website as your customers begin to share your content.
  • A collection of your company’s products or services can provide additional visuals on a different piece of online real estate, which is great considering that online real estate is just as tough to collect as REAL real estate.


I use Pinterest in a number of ways, including the other popular phenomenon, infographics. These visually appealing “number mounds” make Math something tolerable. They combine pictures and statistics to create a storyline.

SoBuzzMe pins infographics to their Infographic Board, keeping these ever-changing artistic landscapes all in one place. Without organization, Pinterest can be slightly overwhelming.

With all the opportunities in the Pinterest community, how will you use pin your boards?

* The Guest Blogger today was Dan Fuoco, a social media expert (in his own right). Follow Dan on Twitter: @danfuoco

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  1. Thanks for the great post Dan! Pinterest definitely adds value to the whole social media table. It just needs to be used appropriately for business use. Can’t wait to hear how other people use Pinterest!

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