10 Tips For New Twitter Users


When most people start out on Twitter, after they have created an account, they ask: What’s next?

First impressions are as important on Twitter as they are in real life so make sure your first impression makes an impact. Before your first tweet, here are 10 tips that will help you grow to a Twitter novice.

1.  Once you create an account, the very first thing you should do is follow people, NOT tweet. Get to about 75 followers before your first tweet.

2.  Follow people or brands in your industry or that you have a personal interest in.

3.  The ReTweet (RT) is a great way to show YOUR followers that you support something from another Tweeter.

4.  Direct Messages (DM) are used to facilitate a conversation offline or in private, much like an email.

5.  Hashtags (#) are used for archiving special words, phrases or acronyms within your tweet. For example: “Amazing how #Google seems to reinvent itself every year!”

6.  The best use of Twitter is to have a conversation in real time. The best way to do this is by joining a chat. This guide on ‘How to Participate in a Twitter Chat’ should help along with this List of Twitter Chats.

7.  Be real. The Twitter community can see through the BS and know if you are not being real. Transparency is key so make the best of your Twitter experience and show everyone who you really are.

8.  Lists will help organize your followers. Be diligent on placing the bulk of your followers into lists – this will help you in the long run. For example: If you love photography, it’s natural to follow others that share that interest, so you would place them in a “Photography” list. This helps when you’re interested in seeking only photography-related tweets without using a #hashtag.

9.  Things NOT to tweet about:

a. Your breakfast, shopping trips, personal drama (this is not a place to vent – no one cares!)

10.  Things to tweet about:

a.  Anything that will add value or carry the conversation further.

b.  Anything that has a story behind it.

c.  Something that provides your followers with credible, retweetable information.

The idea is to be engaging. If you were to tell your co-worker that you are going shopping, their reaction would be lackluster. If you were to tell your co-worker that you saved an old lady from a tall grocer shelving unit that was about to fall on her, then you can see where the tweet is interesting; engaging.

For more examples of good vs. bad tweets, check out Radiant Veracity’s 10 Worst Tweets of All Time.

What are some of your best Twitter tips to add to this list? Please leave your comments below.

3 Responses to 10 Tips For New Twitter Users

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  2. Fran says:

    Great tips, I wish I’d read that ages ago.

    I have found that it’s not necessary to follow only those who have many followers. Following other newbies is good because you ‘grow’ together and they appreciate and notice you more than those who have a huge following.

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